How to Invite People on Minecraft PS4 and PS5

 How to Invite People on Minecraft PS4 and PS5

Minecraft is an incredible game with over 200 copies sold worldwide. You can play it alone or with friends. If you are having difficulty or are wondering how to invite people on Minecraft PS4, this guide is for you.

For players on the PC, it is easy to play with friends as you have access to a list of servers. However, on PS4, it can be a bit tricky as you are only allowed to invite or join people in the friend list. If you are hosting a world, you have the permission to invite; whereas, if someone else is hosting the world, you can either request an invite or join directly if the world is open for everyone.

How to play Minecraft with friends on PS4? Put simply, there are two options to play with friends by selecting Splitscreen or Online Servers.

Prerequisite to Invite People on Minecraft PS4

To invite and play with friends on PS4, you will require an active and reliable internet connection. You will also require PlayStation Plus account and the people or friend you want to invite must also have the PlayStation Plus account.

Once you fulfill the above requirements, you can proceed to playing the game. Launch the game and from the Main Menu select Multiplayer.

Remember, if you are playing the game as Singleplayer, you will have to exit and enter as multiplier to add friends on Minecraft PS4.

After you enter the game as multiplayer, a bunch of options will appear:

  • LAN
  • Online Server
  • Minecraft Realms
  • Splitscreen

You should select either the option Online Server or Splitscreen to play with friends on Minecraft PS4.

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on PS4 using Splitscreen Option?

If your selection is the Splitscreen, the game will start and you will have permission to play the game with a friend sharing the same screen.

How to Invite Friends on Minecraft PS4 using Online Server Option?

If you have selected Online Server, the game will lead you to a biome. It means that you launch into a personal server and any of your friends can join the game as long as you are online i.e. you are playing the game. If you exit the game, your friends won’t be able to play and will get an error.

When you are in the game, press the touchpad button in the center of PS4, next press the Triangle to view the received invitations. If there is an invite, you can join the world.

After you have pressed the touchpad button, you can also invite friends by pressing the Square. Once you have pressed the Square, a list of friends will appear, you can select the friend or friends you want to invite.

Once the person accepts your invitation, you can play the game together.

That’s it, this should allow you to play Minecraft with friends on PS4. So, don’t wait, jump into the blocky but magical world of Minecraft.

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