How to Heal in Mortal Shell

Healing or retaining the health back is one of the most important mechanisms in games and Mortal Shell is no exception. In order to survive in the brutal world of the game, you need to learn the trick of healing. Stick around with the guide and I will show you how to heal in Mortal Shell.

Mortal Shell | How to Heal

There are several ways to heal yourself in the game via consumables, but there is no equivalent to the Estus Flask. The easiest and a widely available item to heal in Mortal Shell is the Weltcap Mushroom. It is red in color and a widely available item you will find throughout the game. You can even harvest them from the same area as they respawn at the same place after a certain time. The mushroom provides 30 health over 30 seconds.

Weltcap Mushroom

The second best option to heal in the game is the Roasted Rats. These can be found near the swamp in the game besides dead enemies and camps. They provide a significant heal from 30 to 45 over 10 seconds. The caveat with this item is it drains Resolve.

With all the heal items, you can get more if you are familiar with the item.

Another way to heal yourself or regain health in Mortal Shell is to use the Seal Infusion. You have to time it right but if you manage to get it from the Old Prisoner, press the L1 or LB to the right when you are attacked by an enemy and R1 or RB to revert the attack from enemies. It will do a lot of damage to the aggressor and return your health. Seal Infusion is one of the three parries in Mortal Shell. When you have all the parries, you can switch between them by pressing the Y button on the keyboard and the Triangle button on the console. The healing parry has a red ball icon.

Some of the other items in the game that has healing ability are Scripture of Euphoria, Mortal Token, Rotten Food, and Baguette.

These are all the ways you can heal in Mortal Shell, but the health provided is minimal. The games also has ways to completely refill health. If you touch your shell after you die you can get the health back completely, but only when you die in the shell-less form and the physical shell is still around.

Visiting a Sester and drinking the Divine Tar will restore all the health and also reset the enemies.