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What to Feed Gorf in Mortal Shell to Get Shaders

What to Feed Gorf in Mortal Shell to Get Shaders

Like several other games, the Halloween season also bring some exciting things in mortal Shell. With the holidays in mind, the developers have added some new skins to the game, but in order to get them, you must first feed Gorf. Stick around and we’ll show you what to feed Gorf in mortal Shell to get Shaders.

What to Feed Gorf in Mortal Shell to Get Shaders

In order to get the new Shaders in the game, you have to feed the giant frog like creature called Gorf. You encountered the creature at the start of the game. To get the new Shaders, you have to go back to Gorf and feed him certain items. When you visit Gorf, you get items such as boiled frog, roasted rat, and rotten food.

Do not feed the creature boiled frog or he will spawn an army of killer frogs. Here are the things you can feed.

1. For the first Shaders you need to feed 5 roasted rats.

2. For the second Shader you need to feed  four rotten food or 10 roasted rats.

After you have fed the Gorf, just complete one of the lutes near him and a cut scene will appear. After the cutscene, you will have your Shader.

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