How to Get Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

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The first big update since the beginning of 2022, Clash of Clans: Clan Capital Update, is well underway, with fans loving the new features. The Clan Capital update, as the name indicates, provides the game with content centred on the titular clans. 

To begin with, League Medals are only awarded in Clan War Leagues, while Raid Medals are only awarded during Raid Weekend. Clan members will be able to join forces and create their Clan Capital and its several regions. Two new resources are also included in the current release. Learn more about Capital Gold here, and you need to know about Raid Medals.

The Clan Capital can provide you with three sorts of rewards.

  • Raid Medals
  • Capital Gold
  • Reputation

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Getting Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Raid Medals, unlike Capital Gold, which can only be spent in your Clan Capital for improving District Hall, recovering ruins, and unlocking improvements, may be used in your primary village.

To obtain them, the primary technique, as hinted by their name, is to participate in Raid Weekends, or more specifically, Capital Raids. Clans compete against other clans during these raids for the chance to acquire significant gifts.

If you wish to take part in these raids, your clan head must agree by pressing the “Start Raid” button. When the raid begins, clan members will be notified. Raid weekends begin on Friday and conclude on Monday. 

During these raids, players will have the opportunity to assault other clans’ capitals while still defending their own. Finally, gamers will get raid medals. The actual figure is determined by the number of enemy districts destroyed. However, how successfully you’ve protected your own territory is also important.

Using Raid Medals in Clash of Clans

Raid Medals aren’t particularly useful in the sense that they can be used to unlock new content. Rather, think of them as additional cash for purchasing supplies and magical things from the Trader. Here’s what you can obtain.

  • 25000 Dark Elixir for 300 RM
  • 2500000 Gold for 300 RM
  • 2500000 Elixir for 300 RM
  • 1000000 Builder Gold for 250 RM
  • 1000000 Builder Elixir for 250 RM
  • Hero Potion for 150 RM
  • Research Potion for 200 RM
  • Wall Ring for 300 RM
  • Training Potion for 100 RM
  • Clock Tower Potion for 100 RM
  • Power Potion for 150 RM
  • Resource Potion for 200 RM

Raid medals will become a useful resource for gamers who have clanmates who are still active. Instead of waiting for them to come online and donate, players may now use raid medals to buy reinforcements for their clan castles. The quantity of raid medals needed to purchase reinforcements is determined by troops, spells, and siege machines.

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