How to Play Clan Capital in Clash of Clans

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The newest Clash of Clans update is the biggest one by far—as it introduces a whole new element to the game that every player can take advantage of, with the help of their clan mates. This guide will take you through the process of how to play Clan Capital in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans – How to Play Clan Capital

This has been a much-awaited update, as Town Hall Level 14 players have been looking for a way to spend their excess reserves of Gold and Elixir. The Clan Capital brings new features for members to work together into building the best version of their clan.

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You can begin playing the Clan Capital as long as you have a Town Hall Level of 6. Your clan needs to be at least level 2 to have access to the new feature of the game. Once you fulfil these criteria, you will be able to travel to the Capital and begin exploring the new update. Here’s a list of the new things that have been introduced into the game, so that you have a better idea of where to begin.


There are two new currencies in the game called Clan Gold and Raid Medals, which you can use to develop the Clan Capital, or even your own village.

Clan Capital Districts

There are seven districts which you can unlock for every Capital level you reach, which will strengthen your clan when it comes to defeating other clans in Raid Weekends.

Capital Peak

The Capital Peak consists of the Capital Hall which is upgraded to unlock new districts, as well as new troops and buildings.

Builder’s Workshop

At Capital level 5, you will have access to the Builder’s Workshop where you will be able to craft more components for your army.

Barbarian Camp

The Camp contains a range of barracks, which can provide a horde of new troops like Sneaky Archers and Super Giants.

Wizard Valley

Here in the Wizard Valley, you will be able to unlock spells for your clan, some of which you are already familiar with, such as Healing Spells.

Balloon Lagoon

You can upgrade your aerial combat here such as Rocket Balloons and Skeleton Barrels which will help you in the coming battles during the Raid Weekend.

Dragon Cliffs

The mighty Dragon Cliffs are home to Dragons and Super Dragons, the latter of which you can craft and upgrade here, along with Hog Raiders and Rage Spells.

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Golem Quarry

There is a new unit called the Mountain Golem which can be unlocked here, and it is the final district. No doubt, only the best clans will be able to unlock its glory.

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