Clash of Clans: Strongest Troop in Clan Capital

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The spring update to Clash of Clans is the greatest since it allows players to play with their clanmates and build a brand new city. Clan Capital is a new game feature that allows players to establish districts with the aid of clanmates and capital gold. Furthermore, when the clan plays together, it is simpler for them to improve infrastructure and unlock new districts.

Each capital can have up to seven districts, each with its own set of unlocking conditions and benefits. Players must complete the conditions to access additional districts, soldiers, and structures.

So, let’s talk about the strongest troop in the clash of clans.

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Strongest Troop – Mountain Golem: Clash of Clans

Mountain Golem is the most powerful troop in terms of hit points, damage, speed, mobility, and other characteristics.

He becomes available for a fight after players raise their Capital to the Golem Quarry, the final District unlocked at Capital Hall 7. The Mountain Golem takes a long time to catch up to buildings since it is sluggish and steady. When it reaches them, though, it destroys them with great force. This is why this Golem remains the strongest troop.

Features of Golem

It has the unique power to tear through walls with its touch, whilst other troops struggle to move through them for a minute or two. Using a wrath spell in battle is the finest combo that anyone can possibly hope to deploy. Rage spell increases both strength and speed, allowing it to clear as many protections as possible as quickly as possible.

Hit Points44,000
Damage TypeArea Splash
Damage per second1200
Damage when destroyed500
Housing Space160

Mountain Golems are a sluggish troop, moving at a rate of 4 tiles per second. Because of its poor pace, it is vulnerable to several of the defensive constructions found at Clan Capital Level 3 or above, such as the Inferno Tower, Giant Guard Post, and Super Wizard Tower. With the Clan Capital being recently launched and with one Raid Weekend under our belts, we’re likely to see a genuine meta while attacking. 

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