How to Get Blood Merlot in V Risng Gloomrot

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With the launch of the Gloomrot update, V Rising brings a lot of changes to both PvP and PvE, especially with tons of new weapons, spells, and Jewels. As it’s customary with the game, you must farm many resources to get the upgrade item. While the Blue legendary weapons in V Rising are quite easy to craft, the Orange ones require a lot of effort. One of the hardest resources to craft for the orange legendaries is the Onyx Tears. To make this item, you require Blood Merlot, Dark Silver Ingot, Gold Ingot, and Power Core. In this guide, we will show you how to get the Blood Merlot, the easiest-to-find resource of the four.

How to Craft Blood Merlot in V Rising

To Craft Blood Merlot in V Rising, you require the Sacred Grapes. You can only find Sacred Grapes in two locations throughout the V Rising map – The Brighthaven Vineyards. Two vineyards are next to one another, so you can farm either to get the Sacred Grapes. Below is the map location of the vineyards.

Baron Du Bouchon the Sommelier – Beat the Boss to Unlock the Recipe. Boss is in the Vineyard, the same location as the sacred grapes. Head into the big house in the large vineyard on the map, and you will face the boss that unlocks the Blood Merlot.

The Brighthaven Vineyards

Once you have the Sacred Grapes in your inventory, return to the Prison Cell in your castle. You should have already set up the prison cell at this point in the game. Ensure there is a prisoner in the Prison Cel and interact with the cell. You can now craft the Blood Merlot.

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