V Rising Hidden Mini-Boss (Scarecrow) – How to Trigger the Fight and Beat

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Since its release, V Rising has become one of the most popular survival games. Though the game has a lot of aspects that differ from other survival games, the appearance of bosses is similar. Survival games can’t become adventurous and challenging if you don’t have powerful enemies to face.

V Rising has several powerful Bosses who can put you in challenging situations. These Blood Bosses are known bosses whom you know. But except for them, there is a hidden boss in V Rising. 

This guide will talk about the hidden mini-boss in V Rising.

Scarecrow Mini-boss in V Rising- How to Fight?

If you are playing V Rising, no wonder you have seen a lot of scarecrows in the fields and the farms. Usually, they give you Plant Fibre if you hit them. But sometimes, they hit you back and start fighting with you when you hit them. That’s why we are calling it a hidden mini-boss. To trigger the fight, players need to hit every scarecrow they find, and one of them will definitely hit back.

Though we call it a mini-boss, it’s actually a high-level boss (Level 54). So, players need to surpass the mini-boss level to fight with it. The mini-boss doesn’t have deadly attacks, but you should not take it lightly. Its initial attacks are the basic attacks like stabbing and throwing sickles that you can easily avoid and use a melee weapon or ranged weapon to hit back. Next, it has the AOE attacks that are a little dangerous, but the area is not big, so you can easily avoid the damage. It’s better to stay away from it and attack it with ranged weapons. The only tricky move it has is the teleport ability. It can teleport anywhere. Don’t get scared when it disappears, and keep attacking the mini-boss as soon as you see it. It won’t take much time to defeat the Scarecrow.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat the Hidden mini-boss in V Rising. Once you beat it, you’ll get more than one Scourgestone, Plant Fibre, Wool Thread, and Snow Flower Seed. So. you’ll get a lot of valuable things from the Mini-boss, especially the Scourgestone. 

However, if you are looking for a guide to know how to trigger the Hidden mini-boss fight and beat him, follow our guide for relevant information.

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