How to EMP Vehicles in Halo Infinite| Stun Using Disruptor and Shock Rifle

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Halo Infinite is the upcoming sixth installment of the Halo Series. Though the complete version of the game is going to be released on 8th December 2021, its free-to-play multiplayer beta version is now available for players to enjoy. When you are in the game, you’ll find a few enemy players are rushing towards you with various vehicles. Now you have only one option to protect yourself, stun those vehicles for a few minutes. In this article, we’ll tell you how to hit them with an EMP by using a specific weapon and stun them in combat.

EMP Vehicles in Halo Infinite – Stun Using Disruptor and Shock Rifle – How to Use it

Most of the vehicles that you find rushing towards you are heavy with firepower. If you charged up a plasma pistol and shoot a vehicle, it would EMP it. That’s what players have seen in previous games of the Halo Series. Once a vehicle becomes EMP, it stops to works for some time. It’ll provide the players an excellent chance to kill the player on the vehicle and hijack it.

In Halo Infinite, this thing is done by electricity-based weapons like Shock Rifle and Disruptor. Once you find a vehicle, aim your Shock Rifle at it and shoot it two times consecutively. If you are using a Disruptor then the first process is the same, but you have to soot it back to back seven times. However, it is pretty difficult to shoot a running vehicle. It needs a lot of practice. Once you successfully EMP a vehicle, you’ll see a blue glow around it and it stops moving.

These are the things you need to know about EMP Vehicles in Halo Infinite using Disrupter and Shock Rifle. If you are playing the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite and haven’t yet gotten the process of stun vehicles, check out our guide to know how to EMP vehicles in Halo Infinite.

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