Can you Fix Halo Infinite Stuck on Transitioning

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Halo Infinite multiplayer has dropped on Steam on Early Access for players to download and play. When the beta ends the full game will launch along with the campaign. As the game is in beta, it’s prone to errors and bugs. Halo Infinite has a lot of issues at this stage. The first few hours after launch was even rougher as players encountered a lot of issues with the server. While the game’s multiplayer is still not perfect, the experience has improved. The Halo Infinite Stuck on Transitioning is another issue that may surface when the server is under strain due to high demand.

Another issue that emerged due to server strain is the problem with dedicated server. Both of these issues are a result of the server being busy. Here is what you need to do to fix the error.

Halo Infinite Stuck on Transitioning Fix

At the time of writing the issue with the Halo Infinite getting stuck at Transitioning has reduced greatly compared to the few hours after the game launched. When you feel the game is stuck, you should have patience. Sometimes it can take a while for the game to load in.

If the game does not load in after say 5 minutes, there may be a problem and you need to queue again. Attempting to join again can fix the issue with the multiplayer. The most effective fix is to wait for the game to become a few days old. At this point, a lot of eager players would have left the game freeing up the servers or you can attempt to play the game when the server may experience lesser strain such as office hours or weekdays.

While it’s unlikely the Halo Infinite stuck on transitioning may be caused by a low bandwidth or weak connection, rebooting everything from the network hardware to the console or PC can help sometimes. So, if you are struggling with the issue for too long, try to reboot the devices and check if you are in luck.

In other news, the game has a lot of crashing problems and it’s leading to players getting banned. It’s a serious problem with the game that the devs need to patch ASAP if they intend to be a competition to COD Vanguard and BF2042.  

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