How to Use Aim Assist in Halo Infinite and Fix Aim Assist Bug

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Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta version is now live and players are diving into it to enjoy the experience of the multiplayer mode of the game. The game received a lot of positive comments and praises from the critics and players, but it is not free of bugs and errors. From the very beginning, Halo Infinite is showing bugs and errors. After several connection errors, server issues, and matchmaking bugs, the recent bug players are facing is the Aim Assist Bug.

In most cases the players who are using controllers to play the game, face this bug. The PC players who use the mouse and keyboard instead of the controller haven’t faced this bug yet. This bug is forcing the PC players to play without the aim assist. Though there is no official fix to this bug, we are suggesting some fixes that players have suggested in the forums.

How to Fix Aim Assist Bug and Use Aim Assist in Halo Infinite

The main issue with this bug is that it deactivates game assist, especially when using a Gamepad. But when you check the game’s settings, you’ll find it on. When the players launch the game and go past the home screen, the game instructs the players to press ‘Start’ on their controller or hit ‘Enter’ on their keyboard. Now, if players hit the ‘Enter’ while using a controller, this aim assists bug appears. Pressing ‘Enter’ while playing on a controller makes the game think that the player is using a mouse and keyboard. Therefore, it disables assists.

It doesn’t hamper the function of the controller; only it disables the aim assist entirely. Unfortunately, there is no solution to this bug except that if you are using a controller, don’t press the ‘Enter’ button on your keyboard. Try to use the controller to proceed. Because the bug is caused by pressing Enter while playing on the console, try to avoid this and you’ll be able to solve this issue. If you have already pressed the enter while using a controller, restart the game to fix this bug.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix the aim assist bug. Until now there is no official solution to this issue, so if you face this bug, check out our guide to get relevant information and probable solutions to fix it.

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