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How to Defeat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising

How to Defeat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising

Stunlock Studios’ new vampire survival action game V Rising is quickly gaining popularity, selling over 500K units in just three days since the Early Access debut on Steam. The game has plenty of content in its initial form, with a lot of bosses for players to seek out and defeat. This guide will take you through the process of how to beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising.

How to Beat the Duke of Balaton in V Rising

As you delve into the world of vampires and their enemies, and progress through the game, you will need to keep in mind that the bosses will only get more and more powerful. Make sure to level up your armor accordingly.

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The Duke of Balaton is a Level 62 boss, and resembles a toad. To find this creature, you will need to travel to the northern edge of the Cursed Forest. Ensure that your gear and weapons are at least level 62 to avoid being crushed by them. Having a clan and a team to support you is always nice, so consider joining one because solo play is more difficult for the lone player.

The Duke of Balaton will attack you immediately and you will need to block their hits of Tongue Leash and Melee Attack. Ranged attacks are good for this enemy, and make sure to use your Bone shield as often as possible. The toad also shoots into the air and attacks you with AOEs. once they reach 50 per cent health, some eggs will spawn that you need to attack before the boss returns.

Once you have defeated the Duke of Balaton, you will receive the Toad Form power which lets you transform into a toad at will. That’s quite a fitting reward for besting the toad-like monster.

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