How to Defeat M-9 Belyash in Atomic Heart

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There are several bosses encounters you will face while playing Atomic Heart, and one of the tougher bosses you will encounter later in the game is the MA-9 Belyash. This robot is smaller and nimble than other robot bosses, but can quickly wipe you out of the field if you are not careful. In this guide, we will see how to defeat the M-9 Belyash in Atomic Heart.

How to Defeat M-9 Belyash in Atomic Heart

While it may look like the M-9 Belyash boss is hard to beat, with these simple tips and tricks you can quickly bring it down. Here we will see how to beat the M-9 Belyash in Atomic Heart.

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The M-9 Belyash is a tricky boss to beat, and it has plenty of moves up its sleeves. Here are some of the attacks it might use in battle.

  • Lunges and spinning rapidly
  • Hurtling objects
  • Arm Swipes
  • Fireblast
  • Flamethrower

Most of the attacking moves by the M-9 Belyash are quite mediocre, but because of its speed, you need to watch out for it. Here are some tips you can use in battle.

  • Weapons – Most weapons will work on the M-9 Belyash, but the most effective ones in early battle are the Electro gun and any ranged weapon like the shotgun, Kalash, or pistol.
  • Skills – Shok and Frostbite are highly effective against the robot boss
  • Melee – If you are trying to get the Chop Chop Chop achievement, then deal your final hit with any melee weapon
  • Healing – You should carry a bunch of Neuromeds on you before you encounter the boss

Here is how to beat the M-9 Belyash

  • You can use any ranged weapon to beat the robot boss in the initial stages of the battle. Use SHOK or Frostbite to freeze the boss, then shoot it with weapons
  • During the fight, the M-9 Belyash will stop attacking you for a split moment to reboot. Use this time to shoot it up.
  • It is best to keep running away from it since it will lunge and swipe at you if you stay still.
  • It will also toss boulders found around the area, so you should be aware of it and dodge
  • Halfway through, the M-9 Belyash will become engulfed with fire, and it will toss firey objects and create fire blasts. It will also set the ground in front of you on fire
  • If you see it happening, try to run away from it first before looking back and shooting the robot.
  • When you notice the M-9 Belyash’s heath towards the end, finish it off with any melee weapon to get the trophy

That’s all there is to know about defeating the M-9 Belyash in Atomic Heart. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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