How to Load a Weapon Cartridge in Atomic Heart

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In an action role-playing game, where enemies are all over the map, weapons are kind of your best companions to survive. The more you progress, the more challenging enemies you will find. Atomic Heart is no exception. Initially, the weapons you find work on the enemies, but as you progress, things become more challenging, and the weapons will become less effective, so you need to upgrade them. Cartridges are among those items that make your weapon stronger. This guide will help you know how to equip Cartridge in Atomic Heart.

Guide to Attach Cartridge in Atomic Heart- How to Do?

In Atomic Heart, players will find lots of weapons throughout the game, and initially, they kill the robots efficiently. But the more you progress, the more challenging robots will come, and probably your weapons will seem a bit less effective. So, you need to upgrade your weapons from time to time to face challenging enemies.

Cartridge is one of the upgrades you can attach to your weapons to strengthen them, but your weapon must have a free slot to equip a cartridge. There are different types of Cartridges in the game. For example, Incendiary Cartridges will burn the enemy when the bullet hits them, or Shock Cartridges will give the enemies shock damage.

If you have been playing Atomic heart, you’ll notice the game gives a tutorial to almost every new abilities besides a few, and the Cartridge is one of them. There are no instructions on how to attach a cartridge to your weapon. So, if you want to attach one, you must come to the upgrade machine and interact with it.

Once you interact with the machine, follow the below steps-

  • Go to Upgrade
  • Select the Gun you want to equip a Cartridge
  • Click on Cartridge Gun
  • Choose the Cartridge Module
  • Now, Go back to the main screen
  • Visit your Inventory to check whether you have cartridges or not
Guide to Attach Cartridge in Atomic Heart- How to Do?

If you have, you can use them for your selected Gun; otherwise, you have to craft the Cartridges that recipes you have unlocked. You can craft Cartridges by going to the Crafting menu and then to Cartridges. Once you get one Cartridge in your Inventory, press the ‘Tab’ button on the Keyboard, the Square button on the PlayStation, and X on Xbox, to open up the wheel. Go to the Cartridges and press the default button on your platform to open the section and see the Cartridges. Choose the one you prefer, and your character will attach the Cartridge to the weapon.

That’s all you need to know about how to equip Cartridge to weapons in Atomic Heart.

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