Atomic Heart – What are THOUGHT Devices 

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Atomic Heart lays heavy emphasis on human and android interaction, where humans can load intel using a device called THOUGHT. These devices help bridge the gap between human interaction, letting them gain access to something beyond their realm. But how exactly do they help in Atomic Heart? In this guide, we will see how THOUGHT devices work in the game.

Atomic Heart – What is THOUGHT Devices

You would have noticed the people in Facility 3826 sporting weird gadgets around their temples. Here we will see what exactly THOUGHT devices do in Atomic Heart.

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Your first encounter with the THOUGHT device would be at the very beginning of the game, when a facility rep will ask you to get one for yourself. You will also encounter it several times throughout the game. You will also quickly realize that the device can help carry on your thoughts even long after you are dead. Anyone who is connected to the device can access the Kollektiv, a collective of thoughts from all humans. This is supposed to help aid in evolution, but of course, it has backfired in the dystopian Soviet Union.

Can the THOUGHT Device Control Androids in Atomic Heart?

The device was also created to control all androids and do their bidding, and the aftermath of this failed experiment is seen firsthand in Facility 3826. When P-3 asks Char-les why they didn’t just remove the device, he replies that they could but chose not to. Towards the end of the game, after learning about the forced Polymer injection being imposed on the population, humans have lost their free will to think for themselves, hence why the device stayed on throughout their life.

Can the THOUGHT Device be Destroyed in Atomic Heart?

Through this device and the added implication of the Polymer injection, the government was able to control their population and force them to do tasks they otherwise wouldn’t. There is only one thing that can set them free, and that is by getting a hold of the Beta Rings. These items are highly sought after and can help reinstate free will, thus helping them get rid of the THOUGHT device and set themselves free.

That’s all there is to know about the THOUGHT device and how it works in Atomic Heart. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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