How to Find the Train Ticket in Atomic Heart

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If you are a fan of action role-playing games, you are aware that there are tons of things to find, and each has some importance in the game’s progression. Atomic Heart is no exception. Since you start the game, you’ll find several items to find and puzzles to solve to progress through the game, and the train ticket is one of them. If you are looking for a train ticket in Atomic Heart but haven’t yet gotten the location, this guide will help you know where you can find it. 

Atomic Heart Train Ticket Location- Where to Get It?

In Atomic Heart, there are missions assigned to players as soon as they reach Facility 3826. As you complete these objectives, you will progress forward through the main story and explore different locations. Similarly, Excellent is a mission assigned to players that requires them to find a train ticket. 

As soon as this mission starts, players will get three objective indicators of different distances. Of course, players will want to try the closest one first, but unfortunately, the first two indicators will lead you to people who will give you expired tickets. So, you have to go to the third and the last person lying inside a room. 

Follow the indicator, get down the stairs, and start running forward. Eventually, you’ll reach a house. This house has polymer to swim and reach the destination. However, you can either get to the Polymer from the back side of the house. Go to the back side of the house, and you’ll see a white iron boundary wall, and the polymer is on it. Now, enter the house and go to the first floor. The window of the passage will help you jump on the wall. Progress and enter the polymer. Alternatively, after entering the house, you can go to the kitchen, and the kitchen window has the entrance to the polymer. Swim, and you’ll find a window as shown below-

Atomic Heart Train Ticket Location- Where to Get It

Enter through the window, and you’ll find the third dead person lying in front. Interact with him, and he will give you his monthly that’s not expired. Get back to the Train and show the monthly to the robot there to activate the train service. 

That’s all you need to know about how to get the Train Ticket in Atomic Heart. This process is indeed tricky. Also, ensure to kill the robots around before you progress. 

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