Best Polymeric Powers & Upgrades in Atomic Heart

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Enemies are one of the main attractions in RPGs, and Atomic Heart is no exception. If you have been playing the game, you are aware that this game has tons of enemies, and the more you progress, the more the enemies become deadly. So, besides weapons, players need to upgrade their Polymeric Powers to defend themselves while fighting. So, this guide will help you know the best Polymeric Power upgrades in Atomic Heart.

Which are the Best Polymeric Powers in Atomic Heart?

If you have been playing Atomic Hearts, you have definitely heard of the word Polymer from the beginning. As you reach Facility 3826 to defeat the robots and take control of the situation there, you’ll unlock Polymeric Powers one by one. Though all these Polymeric Powers have some benefits while you are progressing, not all are equally effective. So, when it comes to equipping and using Polymeric Powers, you must know which are best to use.

Below we have listed the Polymeric Powers you must equip and use-


Which are the Best Polymeric Powers in Atomic Heart

SHOK unlock first during your search for the key to Powerup the Elevators. This ability is excellent initially, as it can deactivate electrical devices, and using it on robots will send them a little away. Players, once unlock the power, can use it throughout the game. SHOK has a few upgrades to strengthen this ability against enemies, and below are the best SHOK upgrades-

  • Chain Lighting
  • Full Contact
  • Extended Topology

Mass Telekinesis

Which are the Best Polymeric Powers in Atomic Heart

This is the next ability that players should equip throughout the game. This ability will allow players to lift up enemies and hang them in the air. They will be helpless and can’t attack you. If you have the upgraded version, you can even slam them on the ground to take damage. We have listed the best Mass Telekinesis upgrades below-

  • Increased Power
  • Forced Fall Acceleration


It is probably the best ability you can unlock in the game. It can freeze enemies for a few seconds allowing you to deal massive damage to them. Even a group of enemies can be frozen using this attack. Therefore, we suggest equipping this ability as long as possible as it works effectively almost on every enemy. If you are looking for Frostbite Ugrades, here are the best ones-

  • Absolute Zero
  • Careful Disassembly.
  • Increased Polymer Generation

Polymeric Jet

Another great ability players should equip and use during their progress. Though it is not as good as others, it will still be helpful against certain bosses. If you are looking for upgrades, we recommend these-

  • Increased Chemical Reactivity Distance
  • High Viscosity
  • Mixture Efficacy
  • Neuropolymeric Air Defense

These are the best Polymeric Powers players should unlock and equip in Atomic Heart. However, these are the abilities and upgrades we recommend as best, but they may seem inappropriate to players. Opinion differs based on playing style, so if you think these won’t suit your playing style, you can try all and choose the best for you.

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