How to Use Telekinesis to Throw Objects in Atomic Heart

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Atomic Heart is a game by Focus Entertainment set in the Soviet Realm. It is what happens when Bioshock is reincarnated in a Soviet world with more robots, more action and more powers. Irrespective of the difficulty you are playing in, it is quite certain to say that you are definitely going to need your powers. And one of the most important powers that you will need to use is the use of Telekinesis to throw objects at your enemies or your enemies themselves. So how do we go about obtaining throw?

How to Use Telekinesis to Throw Objects in Atomic Heart

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You can lift objects with the Atomic Heart telekinesis power and telekinetically throw them at an opponent to confuse them. Although you can purchase an optional mass telekinesis power from Nora that is better if you plan on unleashing hell, it is less of a combat ability and more of a tool for stealth and puzzles. 

In Atomic Heart, you may employ telekinesis by finding an object that can be lifted telekinetically and holding and releasing R1 or RB, depending on your controller. Yes, the same button, just hold it down instead of double tapping it while staring straight at the object to use the Atomic Heart scanner and search cabinets. Holding down R1 or RB while releasing the button again will allow you to toss an object that you have lifted. Though it won’t travel very far, it may still be considered a toss.

This ability’s main use is as a diversion, as all you can telekinetically capture are little, loose boxes and crates—nothing substantial or alive, at least in its most basic form. It’s first used to attract the interest of the Dandelion security cameras, but it’s also required for several tasks. Later on, utilising the telekinetic ability you were granted, you’ll have to send frozen orbs through some pipes into overheated boilers, however for some problems, it won’t matter.

How to Use Telekinesis to Throw Enemies in Atomic Heart

By purchasing the Mass Telekinesis power from Nora, a.k.a. any of the upgrade booths, you can unleash telekinetic power against foes. The initial power lifts foes into the air, making them defenceless, and costs 66 Neuropolymer to purchase. 

Although there is no method to throw foes with it, there is an upgrade that makes enemy raised fall back to the ground and take damage. Remember the biotic powers from Mass Effect? Yeah similar stuff. 

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