How to Complete the Spices From the West Event in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact has several events with every update, and this time, their culinary event has finally begun. By completing these events, players are able to earn rewards which will help them progress through the game. This guide will take you through the process of how to complete the Spices From the West Event in Genshin Impact.

Spices From the West Event Guide in Genshin Impact

You will be able to complete a variety of events in Genshin Impact as long as you meet the initial requirements. As for the Spices From the West Event, you will need to be at least Adventure Rank 20 to participate.

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To begin the quest, you will need to talk to the NPC called Nazafarin who resides in Liyue Harbor. You will need to unlock recipes and create seasonings, which you can add to your dishes in order to enhance their boosts. Additionally, if you are above Adventure Rank 28, you will be able to invite your characters from the Serenitea Pot when the maintenance period for it is over, and let them taste your brand new dishes in order to raise your Companionship EXP with them.

There are specific instructions in the recipes that you will need to follow in order to complete the event successfully. Once you have the necessary ingredients to begin cooking the seasonings, follow the recipes as closely as you can, so that you may end up with a Fragrant Seasoning.

When you add your Fragrant Seasoning to a Delicious Dish that you have made, you will be able to make a Fragrant Dish. This is the dish that you can give to your companions.

You can collect the ingredients in the wild, or buy them at general stores and at Bubu Pharmacy. New seasoning ingredients are added daily, and these are the ones that have been released so far:

Where Earth and Water Meet 

  • Horsetail – found at Dihua Marsh
  • Mint – found in the wild all over Teyvat
  • Pepper – can be purchased at general stores

Scent of the Pine 

  • Pinecone – found in the wild all over Teyvat
  • Lotus Head – found at Luhua Pool
  • Mint – found in the wild all over Teyvat

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