Where to Find Radish in Genshin Impact

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With the massive open world at Genshin Impact, it should be no surprise that there are plenty of items that the players can collect as they roam Teyvat. Ingredients are an important component of the game, where they will be able to cook dishes and replenish their health needs as well as boost stats. This guide will take you through the process of how to find one of the ingredients, Radish, in Genshin Impact. 

How to Get Radish in Genshin Impact

Radish might be difficult to come by, but you will need them in order to complete the Marvelous Merchandise event where you can earn Primogems rewards. 

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Here are some places where you can get Radish to complete the event as well as for your daily requirements.

Chef Mao and Shimura Kanbei

You can buy Radish from two shops in Teyvat. Chef Mao resides in Liyue Harbor, while Shimura Kanbei is in Inazuma City. You can buy up to 10 Radish for 350 Mora each, and the shops will refresh every three days in case you need them in bulk. If it’s for a commission, this is probably the quickest way to get all the Radish you need.


There is a patch of 4 Radish in front of one of the houses in the middle of the village in Springvale that you can harvest. 

Dawn Winery

There are six of these Cooking Ingredients in Dawn Winery, and players will be able to harvest them from the farms here.

Near Wangshu Inn

There is a shack near the Inn with a garden in front of it, where you will be able to get 3 Radish. 


You will be able to collect three more Radish from this teleport waypoint, but you need to be wary of the enemies that patrol this area.

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