Where to Find Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact has a massive open world where players can collect as many resources as they need for the items they want to create. Ingredients are required to cook meals following recipes, which are used to boost the characters’ stamina, defense and attack power in addition to replenishing their health. This guide will take you through the process of how to get bird eggs in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Bird Eggs in Genshin Impact

As part of the Marvelous Merchandise event, players will need to collect eggs, so this guide might come in handy for you. By completing the event, you can get Primogems as rewards.

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Looking for eggs might be a harrowing task, as they are tiny things which are usually placed high above the ground such as treetops and tall buildings. You will be able to spot them easily if you look for brown nests, which will twinkle with sparkles on your screen. These are some areas where you can look for eggs:


There are six eggs on the tall buildings of Mondstadt, and you can glide down from the top of the Teleport Waypoint of the castle to find them easily.


The only shop that sells bird eggs is found in Springvale. You can buy up to five eggs for 200 Mora each, and the shop will refresh every few days.


Springvale in general is a good spot for looking for eggs, as there are some small houses here which you can get on top of and collect the bird eggs.

Wangshu Inn

There are several eggs on the very top of the Inn. It is a very high place, so be careful as you climb it.

Huaguang Stone Forest

This place has eight eggs for you to collect, which are hidden in a bush. Players can glide over to the bush and collect the eggs.

Near Mount Aocang

After teleporting to this location, you will be able to spot a tree that holds around six eggs which you can collect.

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