How to Complete Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers in Rogue Legacy 2

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Rogue Legacy 2 can be a challenging game, especially if you’re just getting started. You’ll have to deal with enemies and bosses who may feel a little overpowered until you’ve given yourself several persistent upgrades. Estuary Lamech, the game’s first boss, can be especially difficult to defeat while you’re still learning the game.

Fortunately, developer Cellar Door Games has included a hidden method to increase the damage you deal with the boss by 15%. Let’s go over how to get that much-needed boost.

What are Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers in Rogue Legacy 2?

Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers is an Insight found while exploring Citadel Agartha, Rogue Legacy 2’s first biome. This quest directs fans to locate Lamech’s hidden sanctum, which is said to be located in the Tower of Lights, and there is a nice reward for doing so. However, resolving the Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers Insight in Rogue Legacy 2 is not particularly difficult, and this guide will walk players through the process.

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How to find Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers in Rogue Legacy 2?

Players who want to complete the Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers quest must find a room in Citadel Agartha marked with a green exclamation mark on the map. While the exact location of this room changes with each run, it always has numerous lanterns hanging from the ceiling and a chest in the top-right corner. 

Here’s an image of the relevant room, and roguelite players should simply keep an eye out for it during their runs:

When entering this room, players should jump on the lanterns and ascend until they reach the fifth one. Notably, players who have not yet unlocked double jump in Rogue Legacy 2 should be careful not to break any lanterns during their climb, as doing so will prevent them from reaching Lamech’s hidden sanctum until the room is reset. 

Once a player is on the correct lantern, they should use a class talent or spell to reveal a hidden path by striking the wall on the left.

Players should enter the hole in the wall, jump up, and press the input that appears on the screen to travel to the Tower of Lights once the path has been revealed. They must now climb the tower, gaining height from the blue lanterns with spin kicks and passing through the doorways they encounter. 

This passage will eventually take Rogue Legacy 2 players to the top of the tower, where speaking with the memory fragment will resolve the Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers Insight.


Players who complete the Hidden Secrets, Hidden Chambers Insight quest will deal an additional 15% damage to Estuary Lamech, the boss housed in Citadel Agartha. This bonus can be extremely useful, especially if a player is attempting to defeat Lamech before unlocking many upgrades in Rogue Legacy 2. Players should not expect the boss to go down without a fight, and some strategy is still required.

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