How to Complete Missing Bodies in Rogue Legacy 2

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As they explore Axis Mundi, Rogue Legacy 2‘s second biome, players will eventually come across an Insight called Missing Bodies. This quest takes players to the Kerguelen Gatehouse’s Observation Room, where “the back door to the Kerguelen Gatehouse is revealed in the lights.”

For those who are having difficulty deciphering the meaning of this hint, full instructions on how to resolve Rogue Legacy 2’s Missing Bodies Insight can be found below.

Missing Bodies Quest Completion in Rogue 2

You must first locate this quest in the second area, Axis Mundi, in order to complete it. You must travel all the way to the end of Axis Mundi to reach the boss’s door. Two waterwheels can be found in the room immediately preceding this one. This location will be the same each time you visit Axis Mundi.

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Following are the points to complete Missing Bodies Quest:

  • Players must locate the Kerguelen Gatehouse within Axis Mundi to resolve the Missing Bodies Insight. 
  • Roguelite players will pass beneath this structure just before entering the room with the biome’s boss door, and they should look for a sign and two waterwheels stacked on top of each other. 
  • When you arrive at this location, use a spell or your class talent in Rogue Legacy 2 to strike the portion of the ceiling that is partially covered by the top waterwheel. 
  • After entering the hidden path at the Kerguelen Gatehouse, simply follow it to the left, up, and then to the right until prompted to press RB.
  • After entering that input, fans will be taken to a room that leads to a narrow corridor brimming with roots. Players in Rogue Legacy 2 can now use their weapons or whatever offensive tools they have at their disposal to break through those roots and reach a room containing a memory fragment. 
  • Lastly, interacting with that memory fragment, some text will appear, and the Missing Bodies Insight will be marked as resolved as soon as they click through it.

This increases your damage against the Void Beasts, the bosses in Axis Mundi, by 15%.


In terms of the reward for completing the Missing Bodies Insight, it is an affinity bonus that grants +15% damage against the Axis Mundi Void Beast. This is the boss that awaits fans beyond the door just past the Kerguelen Gatehouse, and the damage boost is a significant benefit.

Notably, there are other affinity bonuses like this one scattered throughout the game, which serve as nice complements to Rogue Legacy 2’s permanent upgrades.

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