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How to Beat Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind Boss – Salt and Sacrifice

Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind Boss Fight Guide - Salt and Sacrifice

Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind, is a Salt and Sacrifice Boss. Zyzak Zuun is a deranged, talented Neuromancer who manipulates the essence of the mind. Bosses are major primary battles that often represent a chapter or chunk of the game. When encountering bosses, a title of their name is displayed along with a full HP bar at the bottom of the screen.

Bosses may be joined by Enemies, thus players need to pack some extra Items to aid in prepping for these confrontations encountered throughout the game. The first mage combat in Dreadstone Peak isn’t that difficult. During the chase scene, you will encounter the following creatures:

  • Gray Nobles are irritating, slender opponents that may easily interrupt your strikes.
  • Scatterminds have four legs and easily smashed brains.
  • Royal Minds are huge, floating minds that do not represent a significant danger.

Dreadstone Peak in Salt and Sacrifice has five mages to battle, ranging from the spooky Neuromancer to the completely chaotic Umbramancer. You should have polished your abilities on weaker opponents by now, but these opponents may still be a challenge.

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How to Defeat Zyzak Zuun, The Curse-Riddle Mind

The Neuromancer may be found in the Temple of Eleven after defeating the Two That Remained and the Ethercloth Bolt.  Zyzak Zuun may initially be located on the Temple’s bottom floor, directly below the Ether Vent you used to reach to the second story. Fight him and his mobs for a bit here, then he’ll teleport up near to the eastern Obelisk. As you climb the temple, look for the hint on the western wall, beneath a grappling point.

Neuromancers aren’t too difficult to defeat. You may take them on rather confidently after you learn they over-rely on their Light Threads, which don’t inflict much damage. If you are hit by enough Mind Pulse assaults, you will get confused and your controls will become jumbled.

If this happens, try not to panic and make decisive, well-thought-out rolls away from the boss to wait out the situation. Just keep an eye out for melee assaults and you’ll be OK.

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