How to Beat Willfred The Werewolf Chief in V Rising

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V Rising features all of the essential components of a fantastic survival and crafting game. There’s exploring, battling opponents, crafting weapons and armour, unlocking technologies, defeating bosses, and building grand gothic cathedrals.

The complexity of some of these systems, on the other hand, may amaze you. This is a skill-based and complicated battle. Buildings need careful planning, particularly on PvP servers. Because daylight is fatal to vampires like you, the day/night cycle is crucial. If you want to get a good start in V Rising, read the tips below and remember them as you play. You’ll soon be way ahead of the other immortals on your server.

Check your Blood Altar if you’re ever confused what you need to do to complete the next mission. You may use the Blood Altar to locate the game’s different bosses, and each monster will provide you new skills, recipes, and constructions. So, if you don’t seem to have what you need to complete your most recent task, your best bet is to see whether you need to battle a boss to get what you’re after.

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How to Defeat Willfred The Werewolf Chief in V Rising

Willfred the Werewolf Chief may be located in Gloomgrave Village, a werewolf-populated settlement northeast of the Dunley Farmlands. Willfred the Werewolf Chief is without a doubt the most difficult boss in the Dunley Farmlands. This will not be an easy fight no matter what you do, but there are certain things you can do to give yourself a little advantage.

First and foremost, you must destroy the other werewolves in the community. They are functionally defenceless during the day, so you may begin your struggle with him one-on-one. Don’t spend your time killing Willfred in human form; unless he’s a werewolf, you can’t collect V Blood from him. He also recovers back to full health when he transforms, so you can’t damage him in his human form and diminish his health.

Willfred is lightning swift and exceedingly deadly. He will also cloak and try to flank you on occasion. You may be able to avoid his assaults, but you will almost certainly receive some damage. When his health is low, he’ll start summoning humans, which Willfred will consume to replenish his health. You have the option of killing the people and denying him healing, or attacking him when he is eating and defenceless.

You might be able to defeat Willfred on your own, but it won’t be easy. You’ll most likely die several times as you try to find out what works and what doesn’t. In all honesty, if you have the choice, it would probably be a good idea to party with someone.

If you insist on battling him alone, it’s the typical routine: kill the adds, evade the strikes, and deal damage where you can. It is critical that you do not allow him to heal when his health deteriorates. Willfred’s chances of victory increase as the fight progresses, so terminate it as soon as possible.

Rewards for Beating Willfred The Werewolf Chief

Following are the rewards that you get after beating Willfred The Werewolf Chief in V Rising:

  • Recipe – Holy Resistance Flask
  • Vampire Power – Heart Strike

Bring healing medicines and the greatest equipment you can find. Even if you have the following tier beyond Iron Gear, this will be a difficult fight (or the stuff beyond that).

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