How to Beat Luxian Steel-Glass, The Blind And Blinding Boss Fight Guide – Salt and Sacrifice

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Fighting a Luminimancer in Salt and Sacrifice can be rather dazzling, but after the Mechanomancer and the Corpumancer, you should have no issue evading this mage’s light beams. This boss spawns the following enemies while hunting it:

  • Arclights are enormous shamblers that pack a punch but are vulnerable to repeated strikes.
  • Brightminds are crawling foes with enormous intelligence. Bulky, but not really intimidating.
  • Brightfels are humanoids that do not pose a significant danger.

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How to Defeat Luxian Steel-Glass, The Blind And Blinding Boss in Salt and Sacrifice

To begin this search, you must discover the clue in Betrayal Crag. To enter this location, you must unlock a locked entrance to the east of The Great Tree, beside Veruna’s Shrine. Once inside, follow the floating platforms south to get the hint.

Following are the attacks of Luxian Steel-Glass, The Blind And Blinding Boss

  • Lightbeams: Summons a giant mote that fires a steady beam of light at you. This may be dodged by moving, but the beam will follow you for the length of the attacks.
  • Motes of Light: Summons three motes of light at random across the arena. After a little while, they begin to pulsate, doing harm to you if you get too close.
  • Rotating Lightbeams: Creates a big mote that fires out three light beams that rotate slowly. You may be forced to roll through this attack, but it is sluggish enough that it will be a breeze.
  • Ground Slam: The Luminimancer lifts both arms into the air before crushing down twice. This attack is easily rolled through.
  • The Star of Three: It conjures three motes of light that circle as they go in one direction. It’s easily rolled through, but it does continual damage if you get stuck in it.
  • Ground Rush: The Luminimancer dodges back before dashing along the ground and swiping into the air. If you see the boss lunge backward, roll in the other way.

This boss doesn’t have many menacing, quick strikes. This makes it very easy to retain your distance while shooting it with all of your ammunition. Because of their peculiar timings, the Luminimancer’s melee attacks might be difficult to perfect, yet they are quickly punished once mastered.

Things may become chaotic if the boss is allowed to flood the arena with beams and motes; just be aware and replenish your healing at all times. The boss can’t do much burst damage and must whittle you down gradually.

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