How to beat Celus Zend, The Mourning Winter in Salt and Sacrifice

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As you explore the first level of Salt and Sacrifice, Ashbourne Village, you’ll come across a number of dangerous wizards. Arzhan-Tin Celus Zend is the pyromantic, and the Ceaseless Fury is the pyromantic. Its frigid counterpart is the Mourning Winter. When you find the cryomante in the village, you must fight him in combat. 

The clue that starts the quest for Celus Zend may be discovered in a tiny chamber at the beginning point of Ashbourne Village. Instead of going inside Root-Ceil Cave, proceed west from the hamlet and up the hill. Fight your way through the opponents until you come upon a Skallin and a Brute together near a ledge.

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How top Beat Celus Zend, The Mourning Winter in in Salt and Sacrifice

Keep in mind that all Cellus strikes generate cold damage, which means your health will continue to deteriorate for a short period of time after the first hit. Dodging becomes considerably more vital as a result. You can also expect to compete in a smaller portion of the arena. Celus may generate a swarm of floating ice that explodes on contact, therefore avoid that area of the screen until the ice vanishes.

Celus has two more cold spells that you should be aware of for active strikes. The first is a swarm of icicles that shoot straight at you. It’s preferable to block them since if you try to pass through them, you’ll most likely catch the finish of the spell. The second spell is a cloud that patrols the battlefield and fires icicles at a constant rate. To prevent harm, keep moving and staying as far away from the cloud as possible.

Celus has a sword and can attack at both close and long range with it. It’s ideal to roll through him at close range so you may strike his back as he continues to cut. It will sting you from a long distance as it slides over the battlefield towards you. This is quite obvious, and it takes a bit to get to you, so click dodge to avoid it as it goes by.

You will be able to win if you are willing to move a lot during this combat. Celus Zend’s cold damage is vexing, so keep a check on your health even after it has recovered to ensure it doesn’t leak again. Smart evasion and mobility through the sand are essential for winning.

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