How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

 How to Beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is one of the most awaited games that players have been waiting for a long time, and finally, it’ll be released on 25th February 2022. Elden Rings has a lot of exciting features and several unexplored areas that players need to explore while moving forward in the game. And the one feature that is common in almost every action-adventure game is the presence of several Bosses.

Bosses are one of the toughest creatures to fight with. Players need suitable weapons and strategies to defeat the Bosses, and Elden Ring is no exception. The Bosses in Elden Ring are also powerful, and players need proper strategy and weapons to fight with them. This guide will tell you how to fight and beat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring.

Defeat Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring – How to do it?

Agheel is a giant dragon boss located in the Dragon- Burnt Ruins of Limgrave. The area is huge, so you’ll get a lot of space to dodge and avoid the dragon’s attacks. This dragon boss is difficult to defeat. It flies in the sky and burns some soldiers in the open arena. You need to hide and wait for the dragon to come with a roar.

The Dragon has several deadly moves that deal a ton of damage, and the most dangerous one is the Sweeping Tail attack. Also, it can throw fire at you, or it may try to crush you under its paws. Pay attention to its moves and roll or dodge its attacks so that you won’t get damaged. When the dragon flies and throws fire at you, it’ll be a tricky situation; try to avoid the attacks.

The best way to defeat the dragon is to hit its head, but it’ll be hard to do so. Alternatively, try to hit on its legs. Keep rolling between its legs and hit on them with your spear. Once you have done enough damage on its feet, hit hard on its head to deal maximum damage possible. You don’t need to rush; you’ll get enough time to get this job done. Repeat the process again and again, and eventually, you’ll beat the dragon and win the fight. Remember, during the fight, don’t waste your stamina for no reason. Try to preserve stamina as much as possible because you’ll need them to dodge the attacks. That’s all you need to know about how to beat the Flying Dragon Agheel in Elden Ring. If you are looking for a guide to get help, you can check out our guide for the required information.

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