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How Does Footstep Audio Work in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 provides an enriching experience when it comes to multiplayer gameplay. One of the most prominent features of the game is the addition of footsteps, which helps players know where their enemies are coming from. Even if you are unable to locate them on the map or by plain sight, you will know if you are surrounded by just listening to the steps and the direction it is from. In this guide, we will see how footstep audio works in Modern Warfare 2.

How Does Footstep Audio Work in Modern Warfare 2

While you can hear approaching enemies, the same will be applied to you, so you need to be aware of your surroundings and follow certain cues while playing in multiplayer. Here we will see how footstep audio works in Modern Warfare 2.

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Various factors will affect how others and yourself will head approaching footsteps. The pace and volume will vary if you are sneaking around or sprinting, and also there will be variations on where the footsteps fall. Depending on the foliage, the footstep audio will change, giving you a hint of where the enemy is coming from. It is also the same when the person is stepping on a concrete or dirt path or a smooth road. Staying vigilant and learning to differentiate between the audio will help you greatly while trying to tackle any of the multiplayer modes in MW2.

Headphone users greatly benefit from these audio shifts in footsteps, but recently, there seem to be some issues with the audio output being too loud. This gave players an undue advantage while playing multiplayer, but it was quickly weeded out by Infinity Ward. Along with the audio adjustments, there will also be a distinction between enemy and friendly footsteps, which is helpful in coordination.

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