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How to Find Diego’s Safe Code in Modern Warfare 2

How to Find Diego’s Safe Code in Modern Warframe 2

With all the missions and codes that you need to complete to unlock items in the game, it can get overwhelming. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you, but you will need to know to look for it. In this guide, we will take you through the process of how to get Diego’s safe code in Modern Warfare 2 Campaign.

Where to Get Diego’s Safe Code Answer in Modern Warfare 2

If you are looking for Diego’s safe code you’re in the right place, as we will show you where you can see the numbers in the game. 

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This task is part of the El Sin Nombre mission in the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign mission. By opening Diego’s safe with the secret code, you will be able to access the items inside. It is full of guns and armor which will help you greatly in your mission.

After starting the El Sin Nombre mission you will need to enter the house and take out a guard on the stairs discreetly. Be sure not to attract any attention by using a silenced weapon. You will need to enter Diego’s room on the first floor, as Soap mentions. 

The safe is behind the bed, inside a cupboard. You’ll need to open the doors to find it. Here, you will be able to spin the numbers to input the code. However, you will need to look around the room for the secret numbers that you need.

Looking around the room, you will see the poster of Lazar Salgado, pictured below.

You can find this poster on your left upon entering Diego’s room. Note the date on the poster as these are the numbers you need. Additionally, you will find a pistol under the poster inside the cupboard, so be sure to pick that up if you need it.

As you have noted, the code is in the date. However, there are only six digits that you need to enter, so you can omit the first half of the year. Thus, the secret code is as follows:

02 02 19

Enter this code into the safe to unlock it.

Diego’s safe has now been unlocked, and you will find guns and armor inside. 

After getting these items, you can move forward with the El Sin Nombre mission and complete it.

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