How Beat Sirens in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life and the Season 3 introduces a range of new content for users to enjoy and most of the new things in the game span in A Pirate’s Life ass well the whole world of Sea of Thieves. Besides new activities and quests, there are a range of new or modified enemies that players need to watch out for such as a verity of Ocean Crawlers, Phantoms, and Sirens. Creatures like mermaids are nothing uncommon to the game, but the Sirens are not the friendly type and needs to be dealt with. One you find the Sirens, you will need to beat them due to their aggressive nature.

How Beat Sirens in Sea of Thieves

To find the Sirens, you don’t need to do much, simply go overboard your ship in the middle of sea and dive underwater, their arrival would be signaled by a ghastly song. When you hear the song, you know that the Sirens are nearby. Sirens often come in groups led by a Siren Leader.

Sirens in Sea of Thieves

Sirens do not have a powerful close attack besides the leader who wields the Tridents of Dark Tides. They use scratch attack in close combat and the leader uses the Tridents of Dark Tides. But, their ranged attack which is bubble can be damaging. The leader sends larger bubbles compared to others.

Dodging the bubble attacks of the Sirens is easy if you time it right. You can make it from their appearance that they are about to send a wave of bubbles your way. The only thing of concern is that you cannot stay in the water for long, so you can’t take your time in defeating them.

A good strategy to dodge the bubbles and get some air is to go above the water. Between dodging attacks, use your firearm and try to hit your target as the aim is more difficult underwater. The sword is a better option, but switch between the two depending on the chance you get.

Once you defeat a Siren, it will drop Siren Gems and the Siren Boss will drop the Trident. You can trade the gems and keep the Trident.

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