God Of War Ragnarok Unfinished Photo Mode Leaked by Modder

God Of War Ragnarok Unfinished Photo Mode Leaked by Modder

God Of War Ragnarok still had some features which Santa Monica Studio couldn’t implement on time, but have promised to implement them in a later update. There was supposed to be a Photo Mode included with the official release, but because of technical issues, it was removed. Players were assured of a future patch update that will contain it, but somehow the mode was leaked and revealed to all. A Twitter user by the name of Speclizer has released footage of the leaked Photo Mode in God of War Ragnarok.

As revealed in the video, you can pause a cutscene and take a photo, and various options will come up as well. The most intriguing feature of the unreleased Photo Mode is the face change feature, where you can alter the facial expressions of the characters. But so far, the option is only available for Kratos, and there are 16 different presets you can use. You can also change the zoom, add logos, and do plenty more. 

It is unclear when the Photo Mode will be officially released, or when the patch update will be up as well. Since the game was released a few days ago, it may take a while to implement the update. Till then, players can still explore the vast world of God of War Ragnarok, complete quests, and do everything the game has to offer. 

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