Multiple Reports Suggest Google Pixel Watch Causes Skin Rashes, Irritation, and Burns

Google Pixel Watch Causes Skin Rash Everything We Know

Pixel Watch, Google’s first smartwatch, combines the best of Fitbit with Google’s own software.  However, this does not mean that it is free of problems and defects. For some, sleep tracking hasn’t been reliable, and the AOD feature has burned into their screen. One of the more serious issues is that it is causing rashes and burns on the wrists of the users. In this article, we will give you a full report of the situation. Keep reading till the end to know all about it.

Google Pixel Watch Causes Skin Rash? Everything We Know

Many Google Pixel Watch owners have reportedly expressed concern that the device is irritating or even burning their wrists.  The affected Google Pixel Watch users develop a rash or burn anywhere they regularly wear their watches. As a result, wearing the watch for long periods of time becomes extremely unpleasant.

The user experiences a burning sensation on the skin directly underneath the watch. Not only that, but after being charged, the Google Pixel Watch reportedly got very hot, according to several users.  Some users have complained that the silicone bands on their watches have caused skin irritation and rashes.

However, someone else, who also was the owner of the watch, has offered a theory as to what could be triggering this issue. It’s possible that most cases of “burns” reported are actually bacterial infections brought on by wearing the device without a break for too long.  A burn or rash develops because the skin is not given a chance to dry up, so wearing the watch for too long could be the source of this, although there is no official news on the matter. 

Official Statement

According to one of Google’s Gold Product Experts, the problem with Google Pixel Watches causing skin irritation has been escalated to the appropriate teams. We can rest assured that they are looking into the problem and will figure out a solution in some time.

That was all for this report on Google Pixel Watch is causing skin rashes, irritation, and burns on the wrists of the users. We will be sure to monitor this issue closely and will be providing you with any updates we find. Be sure to check this article again to stay updated on the matter. For more news reports, click on this link. Thank you for reading this article.

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