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Google Pixel Crashes or Restarts after December Update

Google Pixel crashes or restarts after December Update

Users of Google Pixel 6 are experiencing bugs while trying to connect to wire audio devices or Bluetooth.

Google has released Android 12 for Pixel 6, and fans of the device are not happy, calling it a downgrade in terms of design. Even though there are notable changes in the upgrades and UI, there are still some bugs that need to be sorted out.

After the recent December Android 12 update, users are experiencing crashes in their devices.

It has been noted that the system only crashes when paired with Bluetooth or any audio device. It should also be noted that during the November update, Google had released a fix on audio issues in Android 12.

Some users have commented that once they have removed the audio device from their phones, they were able to boot it up normally. It is also said that if they update all the apps and the play store to the current version, they were able to use the phone as usual, but this solution did not apply to everyone.

Google has not yet released any statement on the issue, till then Pixel users would have to wait till the next update so they can pair their audio devices.

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    1. My pixel 3A crashes as soon as I connect Headphones, after the latest security update of Dec 2021 is installed…

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