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Warzone 2 DMZ Mode is a Letdown

Warzone 2 DMZ Mode is a Letdown

Warzone 2’s DMZ mode is one of the most talked about modes of the game because, with this mode, Warzone is doing something new in the otherwise over-explored battle royale genre. The DMZ mode allows the player or team to engage with PvP and PvE hostiles, making the game similar to Escape from Tarkov. Ever since the mode’s announcement, there have been numerous comparisons of the mode with the EFT game, but early players who got to test the mode were disappointed. Popular YouTuber timthetatman said, “DMZ looked kinda meh. Warzone 2 looked solid, and I’m excited for next week. 3rd person warzone 2 tho looked litttttt.”

Many popular streamers and CoD players got to test Warzone 2 and its DMZ mode before its launch on 16 Nov, and very few had anything good to say. GUARD Isaac, a Warzone content creator and professional player, said, “I think DMZ should be delayed. Let Warzone 2.0 go crazy on Nov 16th and keep working on DMZ until it’s ready.” He went on to make his point that the game should be delayed: “Right now the game feels pointless. We’re looting  all game just to extract some XP? No stash, no quest lines, no marketplace, no in-game economy? Am I missing something? I was super excited for this game mode, but it just looks like plunder with AI and extractions.”

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If you go to Twitter, there is not a single post claiming that the DMZ mode is good and that they had fun. Everyone is excited that they were invited to play the game, which tells you a lot about how the new game mode will turn out.

The reason Warzone 2’s DMZ mode was so hyped was due to the success of Escape from Tarkov and the idea of it being combined in a Warzone setup was fascinating, but so far the popular trade system in EFT seems to be absent from Warzone 2 making the economy anything but frail. The trade system in EFT allows you to trade items you looted with other players.

At the time of writing, it does feel that the new DMZ mode in Warzone 2 may be a flop, but who knows. It won’t be the first time that the CoD community would appreciate what the content creators have disapproved. So, until Nov 16, let’s take everything with a pinch of salt.   

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