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Fix Battlefield 2042 Stuttering, Lag, and FPS Drop

Fix Battlefield 2042 Stuttering, Lag, and FPS Drop

Battlefield 2042 is one of the most awaited games of the year and after months of rumors, we finally get to test the game. If you have preordered, you can play from 6th Oct. The open beta starts from the 8th and runs till the 10th. Like all games, there are bound to be issues with Battlefield 2042 and no other problem is more frustrating than the game stuttering, lagging, and dropping FPS. In this guide, we have provided the most useful tips to resolve the Battlefield 2042 stuttering, lag, and FPS drop.

This is an early guide, so you can try some things to fix the stutter as soon as the game releases, but as we get our hands on the game and have more evidence, we will continue to improve this post.

Battlefield 2042 Stutter Fix Update 8th Oct

Before we go ahead with the guide, we tested the game on low-range, medium, and high-end PCs, and the game definitely is unplayable on low-end PCs. For medium-range PCs, there is still stutter, but setting the graphics settings to medium resolves all issues. Go down to ‘Low’ if you want a more stable game. Besides that, here are some things to resolve Battlefield 2042 stutter.

  1. Delate the cache for the game.
    • Head to C/Users/username/Documents/Battlefield 2042 Open Beta or directly go to the Document folder on your PC.
    • Open the Cache folder and delete every folder in it.
  2. Disable Control Flow Guard for BF2042.exe
    • Before you disable it, you should know more about it as it’s important for your security. Disabling the Control Flow Guard will instatly boost your FPS and reduce stutter, but don’t do it globally as it will put your system at risk. Control Flow Guard is an exploit protection feature, so it’s very important. Here is how to set exception for BF2042.exe on COntrol Flow Guard.
    • Open ‘Virus & threat protection’ > go to ‘Apps & browser control’ > click on ‘Exploit Protection Settings’ > toggle ‘Program Settings’ > click the plus icon ‘Add porgram to customize’ > choose ‘Add by program name’ > paste ‘BF2042.exe’ > scroll on the new window to find Control flow guard (CFG) and check Override system settings > click Apply > Yes.
  3. If you ahve the VSync On and the game stutters, try disablin it from the game and enable it from the Nvidia Control Panel.
  4. If the game is still stuttering, here are the best settings that we have found to work best for reducing stutter
    • Texture Quality — High
    • Texture Filtering — High
    • Lighting Quality — Medium
    • Effects Quality — Medium
    • Post Process Quality — Low
    • Mesh Quality — Low
    • Terrain Quality — Medium
    • Undergrowth Quality — Medium
    • Antialiasing post-processing — TAA High
    • Ambient Occlusion — Off
    • Dynamic Resolution Scale — Off
    • Nvidia Reflex Low Latency — Enabled + Boost
    • Future Frame Rendering — Off
    • Vertical Sync — Off
    • Field of View — 74
    • Brightness — 60
    • Motion Blur — 0
    • Chromatic Aberration — Off
    • Film Grain — Off
    • Vignette — Off
    • Lens Distortion — Off

How to Fix Battlefield 2042 Stuttering, Lag, and FPS Drop

There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with stuttering. A drop in FPS will most definitely result in the game stuttering. As Battlefield 2042 is an always-online game, a drop in the internet bandwidth will contribute to the lag, FPS drop, and stuttering. So, if you have encountered these problems with the game, the first and the obvious place to look is your internet connection. Besides that, here are the things you can do.

  1. Wired internet connection is the best for gaming. Using mobile hotspot and Wi-Fi is advised against as those connection can be volatile and cause bandwidth drops.
  2. Update the graphics card driver software. We will update the post if there is a specific driver with day-one support for Battlefield 2024 beta.
  3. Play the game on Fullscreen Mode rather than Windowed mode. While the Windowed Mode is good if the game is crashing, it can cause the game to stutter.
  4. Play the game on default settings. If the game still stutters, reduce all the settings. We will put a link here at a later date that shows the best Battlefield 2042 settings for performance and FPS boost.
  5. If you are playing the game using the Steam client, disable the Steam Overlay as it’s known to cause stutter in games. Also, disable the Windows Game Bar and the GeForce Experience Overlay.
  6. Run the game in a clean boot environment, so there’s no background applications causing the stutter and lag. Refer to the crashing article for the steps to launch the game in a clean boot environment.
  7. If Battlefield 2042 freezes and there is drop in FPS when you click on the mouse, set the mouse polling rate to 125 or something around that.
  8. Set the power settings on your GPU to maximum perforamnce.
  9. If Battlefield 2042 is stuttering a lot, limit the FPS. Go to the Graphics Settings of the game and limit the FPS to match your display Hz or 1 above.
  10. Set Battlefield 2042 at High Priority. To do it, open Task Manager > More Details > Details > Right click on Battlefield.exe > Set Priority > High.
  11. Do not overclock the GPU as it can also cause stutter at time when the GPU becomes unstable due to OC.

If trying the above steps has not fixed your problem, the problem may be with your connection. Perform a lag check to see if your ping is too high.

  • Press Windows Key + R > type ping –t > hit Enter
  • The Ping you should aim for is below 50, but anything below 100 is also good. If higher than 150, your ping is too high.

That’s all we have in this guide. We hope you were able to fix the Battlefield 2042 stuttering, FPS drop, and lag with the help of the guide. If you have a solution that worked for you, please share it in the comments for other users to try. We will update this post periodically, so check back once in a while.  

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