Battlefield 2042 Crashing on Xbox Series X – Major Issue for Players

 Battlefield 2042 Crashing on Xbox Series X – Major Issue for Players

Over the past few months, a lot of games have had the crashing problem on Xbox Series X, similar to what PS5 users encountered during the months of Feb and Mar this year. In the past 24 hours, a lot of Reddit threads have emerged with Xbox series X users complaining of the BF2042 crashing and sometimes even turning off the console. For some reason, game developers are unable to optimize their game as well for Xbox Series X|S compared to other platforms or there is a much deeper issue with the Xbox Firmware for Series X.

Here are some threads in Reddit with users reporting their problems. These threads are just a few of many we came across.

It goes without saying there is a larger issue with the console that Microsoft and/or EA need to fix. At the time of writing there has been no acknowledgment from the devs or any fix that has surfaced. If you get in touch with the EA support, they will tell you the issue is caused by overheating, which cannot be possible with such a large number of players.

We will keep an eye on the situation and update the post to reflect the changes. Until then, there is nothing much you can do about the situation. Also, the usual fixes such as Factory resetting the console, restarting, clearing cache, reinstalling the game does not help with the crash.

Update 14 Nov: Some good news for players. Here is a copy of the original news shared in the EA forum.

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  • Have been playing on Xbox one (the OG one) it runs decently, seeing frame issues, glitches here and there, and sometimes it takes awhile to connect to servers. Have noticed a error saying “unable to load persistence data” multiple times. This is annoying because it basically means I can’t play the game

  • There is a bigger story to this. Microsoft is refusing to fix or acknowledge this because they know they have a problem with their system. This really began with games being made for next gen including Madden, Gears of War, FIFA and NBA 2k22. Your system will shut off because it thinks it’s overheating. It’s bad hardware. Why is it not happening to everyone? Depends on when you bought yours. They didn’t catch it in time. It will only become more noticeable as more games designed for the Series X come out. People are sending in their Xbox series X and they are giving them brand new systems. They won’t announce any issue until the factory warranty runs out in February.

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