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How to Boost in Battlefield 2042 (Planes &Vehicles)

How to Boost in Battlefield 2042

EA’s latest multiplayer shooter game Battlefield 2042 has been released and players are diving into it. Battlefield 2042 has introduced a lot of new features including a lot of new weapons, gear, vehicles, etc. In the Battlefield Series vehicles and planes have played a crucial role all the time. Any of them can turn a match upside down. Therefore, it is essential to know how to boost them in Battlefield 2042.

In this article, we’ll help you know how to boost planes and vehicles in Battlefield 2042.

Boost Vehicles and Planes in Battlefield 2042 – How to do it

The process of boosting is similar for every vehicle and plane. Moreover, the process is simple enough to perform and remember. To boost a vehicle or plane, first, acquire one and get into it. Once you get into it, press the L3 stick if you are playing on the console; press L-Shift if you are playing on PC.

Boosting gives your vehicle much more speed. You can travel across the map much faster than before. Also, you can escape from any dangerous situation faster. As the boosting process is the same for all of the vehicles, Battlefield 2042 offers you, you don’t need to memorize different methods for different vehicles.

That’s all you need to know about how to boost your plane and vehicles on Battlefield 2042. If you are also searching for the process to boost your vehicles and planes in Battlefield 2042, check out our guide to get help.

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