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Harry S
Harry S

Back 4 Blood is an amazing game for anyone who likes to go trigger happy. We had a great time with the game but often found ourselves struggling with an issue. The Back 4 Blood stuck on Searching. When you choose to start a campaign, the game search for random players or bots to assign to your squad. If the matchmaking is found you can continue the game with random players or the game assigns bots to your squad. While random players have their issues, playing with bots was not a pleasant experience for me personally. But, that’s another problem and in this post, we will let you known how to fix it if you are stuck on searching for players.

How to Fix Back 4 Blood Stuck on Searching

Some of the possible reasons the game is stuck on searching for players are the lack of players currently playing the game, an issue with the server, a problem with your internet connection, or just the servers being buggy.

Fix Back 4 Blood Stuck on Searching

In our experience, the best fix for the Back 4 Blood stuck on Searching is to wait. Sometimes the matchmaking can take a while, even when assigning bots. Every time we encountered the issue, simply waiting eventually matched us with bots or sometimes a few players and bots.

Another solution you can try is to reboot the game. While we have not tried this fix, it did work for some users as reported by them on Reddit and other forums. If you have a reliable VPN that does not cause lag like ExpressVPN, you can try to play the game on the VPN and see if that makes a difference.

In any case, this does not seem like a bug with the game, but maybe a temporary glitch with the servers. Trying to play the game after a few hours or during peak times should help with matchmaking. Weekdays are when you may see the issue more often as there are a lesser number of players on the game. Inviting friends and playing with them is a simple solution to the problem rather than trying to find a random match.

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