How to Survive Back 4 Blood Church Horde in Hell’s Bells

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

Back 4 Blood beta early access is drawing to an end, but you can still get a few days in the beta starting 12th, a few days from today. Once the open beta closes on the 15th, you will have to wait for the game to release. If you are a trigger-happy player, there isn’t any other title released this year that offers the same fun as Back 4 Blood. A title we enjoyed as much as B4B is Doom Eternal. However, as you progress in the game clearing hordes, you will come across one that gets you stuck. The Back 4 Blood Church Horde in Hell’s Bells.

How to Survive Back 4 Blood Church Horde in Hell's Bells

While this is the toughest point in the B4B Campaign up to this point, it’s manageable and easily doable. Stick around and we will show you how to survive Back 4 Blood Church Horde in Hell’s Bells.

Back 4 Blood – How to Survive Church Horde in Hell’s Bells

When the GM Games team first went into the church, we were so overwhelmed by the hoard that we forgot or didn’t pay attention to one key aspect i.e. we have to use the fortification boards to seal the entries to the church. Unless you do that there is no way to survive. The hoard will keep on coming and it’s non-stop, even with constant healing your team will likely fall.

B4B Fortification Board

So, here are some quick and effective tips to survive Church Horde in Hell’s Bells in Back 4 Blood.

  1. Prepare yourself for the fight
    • Choose the right gear and healing before heading into the fight. Most guns work find, but ensure that mag capacity is high so don’t have to reload more often. Ensure that you have the reload card on.
  2. Use the Fortification Boards
    • When you first enter the church, you will see wooden board right in front of you and they are even highlighted. This is a mistake that we did, we focused so much on the hoard that we forgot to use the boards. The time to apply the fortification is at the start say within a minute or so of entering the church. Later, the hoard becomes so intense you won’t be able to do anything else, but fight the infected from grabbing on to you.
    • The best strategy is to assign one person to deal with the fortification while the others take care of the hoard.
  3. Use the healing in the church
    1. Don’t forget to heal yourself if you get damaged too much. There is a med kit right next to the fortification boards.

Do this and you should be able to survive the Church Horde in Hell’s Bells in B4B without an issue. Check out the game category for more gameplay and troubleshooting guides.  

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