Back 4 Blood

Can you Change Starting Weapons in Back 4 Blood

Can you Change Starting Weapons in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, a title that introduced and changed the zombie genre. B4B has outdone itself and far exceeded the expectations of most fans. Although the game has issues such as no solo progression, hard-to-find matchmaking, and a few bugs, for the large majority the game runs seamlessly. As you jump to play the game and after trying the training grounds at the Camp, you must be wondering if you can use the weapon of your choice when you spawn. So, keep reading and we will answer if you can change starting weapons in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood – Can you Change Starting Weapons

The answer is no, you cannot choose the weapon that you spawn with. Each character has a set of weapons that they spawn with and it cannot be changed. But, you can easily get another weapon in the game. There are various places to get a hold of new weapons. Safe rooms will often have a range of weapons you can get. Also, if another cleaner drops a weapon in the safe house, you can pick that weapon.

The weapons you can get in the safe room are the primary version of M1A Sniper, M4 AR, 870 Shotty, and Uzi SMG.

So, while you cannot change your starting weapon, you do get a lot of opportunities in the game to get the weapon that you desire such as buying in the safe room, finding the weapon you want in the safe room, or trading with your teammates.

So, to sum up, you cannot start the game with the weapon that you want. You are stuck with that weapon for a while until the opportunity presents to change the weapon.    

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