Credit Minigame Secret Title in Nintendo Switch Sports Explained

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The long-awaited Nintendo Change entry within the Wii Sports activities sequence is lastly right here, and the six sports modes you may play on Nintendo Change Sports activities are:

  1. Table Tennis
  2. Golf
  3. Baseball
  4. Boxing
  5. Bowling
  6. Swordplay

There’s also a Secret Tennis minigame to discover credits for gamers in Nintendo Change Sports activities.

Players will be able to customise their characters in a variety of ways as they compete in numerous sports, including adding titles to their characters. These titles can be obtained in a variety of methods, with the majority of them being unlocked by using points earned from playing games to purchase unlockable combos.

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How to Play the Game

  • To get to the credits screen, go to the lower right section of the main menu and select the options. 
  • Then go all the way down to Staff Credits, which is the very last alternative. 
  • When the credits roll, you’ll discover your Sportsmate or Mii in the bottom right corner, holding a tennis racket.
  • Raise and swing your Joy-Con to serve a tennis ball to the scrolling list of staff names. 
  • The tennis ball will bounce off an invisible wall or directly hit one of the staff’s names before returning to you. 
  • When the ball is close enough to rally, swing again, and the ball will return to the credits.

How to Unlock the Secret Title

You’ll unlock the secret title for your use if you can keep your rally going for 50 hits or more. Don’t worry about counting to 50 in your head; there will be a counter above your Sportsmate or Mii’s head that will reflect your current number of rallies out of 50.

Continue reading in the next section to find out what the secret title is. If you’d rather find out for yourself, go back now and start swinging those credits!

About the Secret Title

The Staffer is a secret/special title that is earned by rallying 50 times in a row during the Nintendo Switch Sports Staff Credits. After that, all players have to do is equip the title and they’ll be allowed to represent Team Nintendo in any in-game sports event.

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