COD Mobile Season 4 Best PDW-57 Loadout

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The PDW-57, as well as Create-A-Class and a slew of other weapons and perks, are unlocked at level 4. The PDW-57 is a medium-range, high-damage SMG. The PDW-57 will deal 35 damage per bullet at any range less than 10.6 meters, requiring three shots to kill.

With the release of Season 4: Wild Dogs, COD Mobile has entered the next phase of gameplay. Players are thumbing through the weapon balance changes, as well as the new guns that have arrived in-game, among the changes to the popular mobile title.

SMGs, with their ability to quickly kill opponents with ultra-fast fire rates, continue to be an important component of COD Mobile gameplay. If you like the PDW, check out this guide for the best PDW-57 loadout in COD Mobile Season 4.

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Best PDW-57 Loadout COD Mobile Season 4

The following attachments are recommended for the best PDW-57 loadout in COD Mobile Season 4:

BarrelMIP Extended Light Barrel
LaserOWC Laser – Tactical
StockYKM Light Stock
Rear GripGranulated Grip Tape
MuzzleMonolithic Suppressor

MIP Extended Light Barrel

The MIP Extended Light Barrel is your best choice for the Barrel’s bullet spread while shooting down sights, as well as its damage range and horizontal recoil management.

OWC Laser- Tactical

The OWC Laser attachment improves accuracy while also increasing ADS speed, which is critical for close-range combat. The laser is likewise only visible while the system is in ADS mode.

YKM Light Stock

Get the YKM Light Stock for increased mobility and quickness, especially when aiming below sights.

Granulated Grip Tape

Granulated Grip Tape is a traditional accessory that reduces bullet dispersion and improves SMG accuracy.

Monolithic Suppressor

When choosing a Muzzle, go with the Monolithic Suppressor. The addition improves sound suppression and extends range.

In order to get the most out of your PDW-57 in COD Mobile Season 4, you’ll need to outfit it with the greatest attachments. The PDW is a popular weapon in COD Mobile, and it remains so in COD Mobile Season 4: Wild Dogs. Though it is not the most powerful weapon, the PDW-57 possesses an extremely quick firing rate that allows you to wipe out opponents in the blink of an eye.

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