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COD Mobile Season 4 Best AS VAL Loadout

COD Mobile Season 4 Best AS VAL Loadout

The AS VAL can be found in Call of Duty: Mobile. It was added as part of the Season 2: Day of Reckoning update in March 2021. The AS VAL excels at close quarters and mid-range combat, but performs reasonably well at longer ranges. The weapon’s main advantages are its high fire rate and damage multipliers, while its main disadvantage is recoil, which can send the gun bouncing out of control after prolonged fire.

The AS VAL, like in previous seasons, is a fantastic option in COD Mobile Season 4. While some of the other assault rifles will see significant changes in order to shake up the meta, the Modern Warfare rifle has already found a place on the general tier list.

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Top AS VAL Loadouts in COD Season 4

When creating the loadout for the AS VAL in COD Mobile Season 4, one of the main goals is to reduce the weapon’s base bullet spread. Furthermore, you’ll want to minimise recoil as much as possible, especially with the horizontal movement.

AmmunitionLarge Extended Mag BLevel 5
LaserOWC Laser- TacticalLevel 8
UnderbarrelRanger ForegripLevel 30
Rear GripGranulated Grip TapeLevel 5
BarrelMIP 200mm Mid Range BarrelLevel 42


The last attachment is ammunition, and the AS VAL must have the Large Extended Mag B. This rifle has a high rate of fire and will quickly run out of ammunition. With a standard capacity of 20 rounds, an extended mag is required.


Following that is the OWC Laser – Tactical, which is a standard attachment on almost any assault rifle loadout. Not only is the only disadvantage a visible laser while in ADS, but bullet spread accuracy and ADS speed will both be increased by nearly 10%. The bullet spread has already been reduced by 30% as a result of this.


The Underbarrel can be difficult to choose from so many choices, and if control is an issue, you can always experiment. However, as a base, the Strike Foregrip provides adequate accuracy without sacrificing ADS speed. This is significant because, aside from the laser, we will not be using ADS boosts.

Rear Grip

Granulated Grip Tapes are another popular attachment with a single simple stat. With another 11.6 percent added to the pile, this will be the final boost to bullet spread accuracy on the AS VAL. This will allow the rifle to fire bullets across the map with incredible accuracy.


The MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel is a critical attachment for the AS VAL. Unlike most Ranger barrels on other rifles, which focus on control, the MIP 200mm only has damage range and bullet spread boosts. Both of these statistics have been increased by a whopping 20%.

In comparison to its peers, the AS VAL excels at close-range combat and can outperform some submachine guns in the right circumstances. As such, it is a CQC-oriented assault rifle, unless equipped with 15-round FMJ mags. Have fun with the loadout and don’t be afraid to make your own changes and improvements.

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