Celebrant Weapons in Elden Ring – What They Are and How to Get

 Celebrant Weapons in Elden Ring – What They Are and How to Get

There are 4 special weapons in Elden Ring that grants the users Runes after every successful hit. In this guide, we will see how to get Celebrant Weapons in Elden Ring.

Celebrant Weapons in Elden Ring – What They Are and How to Get

Celebrant Weapons gives out a small number of Runes each time you hit an opponent with it. Here we will see where to get your hands on them in Elden Ring.

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There are four types of Celebrant Weapons to find and use in Elden Ring. The four weapons are as follows,

  • Celebrant’s Cleaver: Dex, 8, Str – 12
  • Celebrant’s Rib-Rake: Dex – 14, Str – 8
  • Celebrant’s Sickle: Dex- 11, Str – 6
  • Celebrant’s Skull: Dex – 12, Str – 18

Fortunately, they are not that tough to find, as all of them can be found in one location. Head over to the Windmill Village, north of Altus Plateau, and defeat all the enemies there, including the villagers. These weapons drop at random, so you will have to keep coming back till you can get them. Using the Silver Pickled Fowl Foot and the Silver Scarab Talisman can help in boosting your Arcane stats, which is quite handy if you wish to find these weapons quickly. Marika’s Soreseal and Rivers of Blood can also boost your Arcane stats and bring down enemies with ease. Only the Celebrant’s Cleaver, Rib-Rake, and Sickle can be got this way. For the Celebrant’s Skull, you will need to find a corpse in the area that has it. To find the corpse, head northeast of Windmill Village Site of Grace till you reach the edge of the cliffs

For each hit using a Celebrant weapon, you will get 10 Runes. These include the Sickle, Rib-Rake, and the Cleaver, while the Skill with gives you 20 Runes. The catch here is, that you will need to hit NPCs for it to generate Runes. The easiest NPC to hit without any repercussions is Primeval Sorcerer Azur.

That’s all there is to know about Celebrate Weapons and how to get them in Elden Ring. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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