Car Detailing Simulator Review: A Great Game to Learn Car Detailing

Car Detailing Simulator Review A Great Game to Learn Car Detailing

Simulation games are the perfect way to try out a situation before you actually live it. The world has become so unpredictable that most of us have become nervous wrecks and have no idea how to react to every situation because we were never taught. This is where the Simulation Games come in and today we are looking at one such game called Car Detailing Simulator.

To be a good car detailer you not only need to clean the cars well and make them sparkle, you also need to know how to make the wheel arches shine and how to get the final bits of dirt out of those really hard places that are difficult to reach. Car Detailing Simulator includes all the necessary tools and options you would find in any car wash, such as vacuum cleaners and a huge variety of car waxes, polishes, and other useful items. The simulator is a combination of physics and a realistic way of cleaning up your car.

Car Detailing Simulator Plot

The game starts off with a weird cartoonish cutscene that doesn’t really make much of a connection with the Game plot. The player gets to wash a car where he is taught all the basics of how to use each piece of car wash equipment in a step-by-step process. Once you finish the tutorial the game again plays a cutscene where it shows that our player has started his very own car wash business. The Gameplay gets really exciting as soon as you start your first job. You are given so many different types of cars to clean and also so many cleaning options on each part of the car. I was really impressed by this level of detail, there are so many things to do and so many different tools for you to clean each part of the car.

Car Detailing Simulator

Progression in the Game

You get paid for each customer’s car that you clean depending on how well you did. You can also choose to do extra work for additional money like going over some scratches and paint imperfections on their cars. The game mechanics are simple but require skill in order to get the best results out of it, as you progress through higher levels of detail required by customers, you will need to buy better equipment and be more precise or accurate with your work.


Car Detailing Simulator


I really enjoyed this game because it taught me many different detailing techniques that I didn't know before and gave me an idea of what equipment is needed in order to do these types of jobs professionally. It also helped with my understanding of how professional detailers work their way up from washing other people's cars until they eventually have enough money saved up for their own auto detailing business. This game is ideal for someone interested in and relatively new to Car Detailing. I would definitely not recommend that someone who has never waxed a car in their life — let alone a detailed one — pick this game up and start applying it directly in real life unless they have a professional detailer or instructor guiding them or helping them every step of the way at least once.

What We Loved
  • • Realistic Gameplay mechanics • Very Informative and can be used to get an insight on the Car Detailing business model and its necessities. • Great Eye for detail. • Amazing collection of cars to work on, from Luxury Cars to sedans and Sports Cars, it has everything.
What We Hated
  • • The cutscenes do not really gel with the plot and feel very out of place and even unnecessary. • No option to save Game • Has minor bugs - nothing game breaking though, Sometimes random black screens, Fix - ( just restart your game ) • Gets Tedious and repetitive at some point.
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