All Project Mugetsu (PM) Private Server Codes (May 2023)

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Project Mugetsu is a popular Roblox game set in the world of Bleach. In it, you can encounter and fight bosses, make new friends, and unlock new powers. You can even join clans and work together to fight all the enemies in the game. While Project Mugetsu is an MMORPG, you have the option to include private servers to play with your friends only.

These servers require a code to enter, which we will supply below. Once you use the code, you can play the game however you wish without any external players’ interference. In this guide, we will take a look at all the working private server codes for Project Mugetsu.

All Project Mugetsu (PM) Private Server Codes

In Project Mugetsu, you have the option to join private servers to play the game according to your playstyle. But you will need the access code to enter these servers. Sometimes, the codes and the server can expire, so the chances of getting locked out or using an invalid code are high. But fear not, as there are always a bunch of codes that do work, so you should use them up before the server closes down again. 

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All Working Project Mugetsu Private Server Codes

  • I383r7a1
  • pn1q11hr

Expired Project Mugetsu (PM) Private Server Codes

  • CME41
  • G597J
  • L7d24
  • CO66i
  • E30Hj
  • 1921i

If you or anyone you know is hosting a private server, feel free to comment down below, and we will include it in this list. You can also come back here regularly to get any updates on working server codes. If you find that these codes are not working, then probably the server has closed or the code being typed is incorrect. You can recheck the same code, or try any other code on the list.

How to Create Project Mugetsu Private Server Codes

You can generate your own Private Server code by following the steps below

  • You need to get the Private Server pass from the official PM Roblox Page.
  • On the site, scroll down till you can spot the Passes and Gear option
  • Select it, then purchase the Private Server pass for 600 points.
  • After that, launch the game
  • Go to the Main Menu
  • At the bottom of the screen select the Private Server option
  • Click on the Generate option, your unique code will be presented beside it
  • You can now share your code with friends

How to Redeem Project Mugetsu Private Server Codes

Once you have a working server code, you can redeem them in the correct box to join the server. Just follow the steps below to know how to redeem them.

  • Launch the game
  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Look down to find the Private Server option
  • Copy the code and paste it into the Private Server Codes Here box 
  • Click Confirm

That’s all there is to know about all working private server codes for Project Mugetsu. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well.

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