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All High-Value Targets and their Locations in Halo Infinite

All HVT in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has a set of High-Value Targets who, upon defeat, gives players powerful rewards that will help them through the game. High-Value Targets are some of the Banished’s most brutal forces to exist in the game, so it is worth getting your hands dirty to get rid of them. In this guide, we will see where all the High-Value Targets are located and how to beat them in Halo Infinite.

All High-Value Target Locations in Halo Infinite

There are a total of 15 high-value targets to find and eliminate in Halo Infinite. These targets come from a variety of backgrounds and each has its strengths and weaknesses, and they serve as mini-bosses in the game. Defeating them will give you Valor fast, which helps you take down even tougher bosses. Along with that, you will also receive new weapon variants that you can get at the FOBs.

Each high-value target has its own set of weapons and ground force that accompanies them. With the right tools and weapons, you can manage to take them down easily. Let’s take a look at all the High-Value Targets and how to defeat them.

Inka ‘Saham

Weapon Variant: Rapidfire Pulse Carbine

Location: North of the second island

Inka ‘Saham is one of the first High-Value Targets that you will come across, but he is nothing too fearsome. You will need a Warthog to reach him quickly. Use a Battle Rifle or any long-range weapon to take him down from a distance and try to avoid getting close to him.

Thav ‘Sebarim

Weapon Variant: Arcane Sentinel Beam

Location: South of FOB Bravo

Thav ‘Sebarim will come at you riding his Ghost, and your only way to win is to take him off the vehicle and use it to take him and his goons down.

Okro ‘Vagaduun

Weapon Variant: Duelist Energy Sword

Location: Southwest along the coast of the first island

Okro ‘Vagaduun might look intimidating with his shields, it is still possible to take him down with all the power weapons available in the area.


Weapon Variant: Calcine Disruptor

Location: North of the Excavation Site

BipBap is one of the weakest targets to finish off. You will likely encounter him cowering behind his fellow Grunts. Take him down with any weapon of choice or just throw a grenade at him.


Weapon Variant: Unbound Plasma Pistol

Location: First island bridge terminal, near the second region

Like Bipbap, Briglard can be easily taken down with a Battle Rifle or grenade


Weapon Variant: Stalker Rifle Ultra

Location: Southeast of Riven Gate

You will need to take down Barroth from a distance using a sniper rifle. Be careful since he will be having long-ranged weapons to take you down too, so aim for the head as quickly as possible.


Weapon Variant: M41 Tracker

Location: Northwest of FOB November

Zeretus is challenging to take down since he uses his Rocket Launcher at you to track you down and instantly take you down. You can save this one for the end and make use of your sniper rifle variant to take a shot at him from the mountains.


Weapon Variant: Riven Mangler

Location: North of the Forge of Teash

Balkarus can use his mobility against you, but with a VK78 Commando or even a Battle Rifle, you can easily take him down.


Weapon Variant: Rushdown Hammer

Location: West of the FOB Hotel

En’Geddon can be taken down using the sniper rifle since he uses his gravity hammer during short-range combat and nothing else.

Ik’novus the Devourer

Weapon Variant: Volatile Skewer

Location: West of FOB Echo

Ik’novus The Devourer’s is not as threatening as his title may seem. A sniper rifle or sentinel beam can easily take him down.


Weapon Variant: Ravager Rebound

Location: West of FOB November

Arthoc is efficient in using his Ravenger Round to bounce the shots off the ground. Keep a good distance and make use of a Scorpion Tank to defeat him quickly.

Writh Kul

Weapon Variant: Pinpoint Needler

Location: south of the fourth island, on a mountain

Get to the mountain with your Banshee to defeat her.

Skimmer Alpha

Weapon Variant: Purging Shock Rifle

Location: North of FOB Juliet

Skimmer Alpha is surrounded by reinforcements inside a cave. Be careful not to go too deep into the cave because the reinforcements will push you back. Use any precision weapon to take him down.

Myriad Bond Brothers

Weapon Variant: Backdraft Cindershot

Location: South of FOB Juliet

The Myriad Bond Brothers can be taken down later in the game since they cause some serious trouble. To get rid of them, take control of a Wasp and shoot down at them from above. Be careful about the Grunts in the area who can use the Disruptor Pistol to bring the Wasp crashing down.

Ordo ‘Mal

Weapon Variant: Scatterbound Heatwave

Location: North of the FOB Hotel

You will find Ordo ‘Mal riding a Wraith. Get to a mountain top to snipe at him directly. He can take multiple shots on him, so be sure to come with extra ammo.

These are all the High-Value Targets available in Halo Infinite and how to beat them. You can check out our other game guides for more info on how to beat them.

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