WWE 2K23 – How to Perform Irish Whip

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

WWE players can now bring out the best of the wrestling world in the comfort of their homes. With iconic wrestlers making a comeback, you can now test out their famous moves in the wrestling arena. One of the moves you can perform is the Irish Whip, where you can lift or toss your opponent onto the ropes or floor. This has been a popular move in the earlier games, and you can perform it in WWE 2K23 as well.

WWE 2K23 – How to Perform Irish Whip

There are a set of controls you need to press to get the right combination to perform the Irish Whip. Here we will see how to do that in WWE 2K23

To perform the Irish Whip, you have to get close to your opponent. Stand in front of them, then press B (Xbox)/ ⚪(PS) to grab them. Once they are under your grip, press B/ ⚪ again and use the left stick to shove them in the direction you want. You don’t have to press and hold the grip button during the second part of the maneuver, you just need to press the button and use the left stick for the direction. 

Below is a simplified version of the moveset.

  • Press B/⚪ to grab
  • Press B/⚪ + use the left stick to perform the Irish Whip in your preferred direction.

The ideal setting to perform the Irish Whip is when the opponent is in low health or stunned. Avoid using this move when the opponent is still vigorous, as you cannot get a hold of them this way.

That’s all there is to know about performing the Irish Whip in WWE 2K23. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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