WWE 2K23 – How to Get the MyGM Hall of Fame

Kirthana K
Kirthana K

WWE 2K23 not just makes you fight in the arena with your favorite wrestler, but you can also manage your roster using the MyGM option. Being the GM of a large wrestling brand is tough work, and it is even tougher if you are aiming to put your brand up in the Hall of Fame. But before you can get to that you need to get a series of trophies before you can make it to the top. Here we will see how to get to the Hall of Fame in WWE 2K23 MyGM.

WWE 2K23 – How to Get the MyGM Hall of Fame

Getting your brand up to the Hall of Fame is the ultimate goal of any GM, and now you can make those dreams come true by meeting some requirements. Here we will see how to get to the Hall of Fame in WWE 2K23 MyGM.

You need to collect 10 Hall of Fame trophies to get to the Hall of Fame. There are several objectives like lifetime achievements or seasonal goals you can complete to get the trophies. Usually, you can get through all the achievements easily by playing and working through the MyGM mode, so it shouldn’t be a hassle to earn revenue and fans. Also, participating in the seasons and getting ranked 1 is one of the best ways to grow your popularity and get yourself trophies. Below is the list of achievements you can unlock to get the Hall of Fame trophies.

Season Ranking

  • Get Rank 1 in one season
  • Get Rank 1 in two Seasons
  • Get Rank 1 in five Seasons
  • Get Rank 2 or 1 in seven Seasons
  • Get Rank 2 or 1 in 10 Seasons

Fan Reach

  • Get 4,000,000 fans
  • Get 6,000,000 fans
  • Get 8,000,000 fans
  • Get 9,000,000 fans
  • Get 10,000,000 fans

Lifetime Revenue Earnings

  • Earn $1.5 million 
  • Earn $10 million 
  • Earn $20 million
  • Earn $50 million
  • Earn $100 million 

You just have to reach 10 of these milestones and get 10 trophies to make it to the MyGM Hall of Fame in WWE 2K23.

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